Nightengale: Big win for MLB, great day for the game

January 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

2Major League Baseball’s drug testing policy has been kicked around, slapped, and mocked in the past decade.

So who can blame the drug policy lords for turning their 345 Park Avenue office into Mardi Gras on Saturday morning with the news that Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for the entire 2014 season?

Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz may have shaved the original 211-game suspension to 162 games, but Commissioner Bud Selig and his performance-enhancing drug police frankly couldn’t have cared less.

This was a huge, monumental, and yes, historical victory for Major League Baseball’s drug-testing program.

It’s the largest performance-enhancing drug penalty in the history of baseball, and most important, scares the daylights out of anyone who dares to cheat again.

If you cheat, MLB will catch you.Oh, you may beat the drug tests. You may even beat the system for awhile. Yet, eventually, the MLB police will get you. And, oh, boy, will you pay.

3Major League Baseball presented the argument that Rodriguez was a serial user of performance-enhancing drugs.

They presented evidence that he tried to buy the incriminating evidence from the infamous Bioegensis Clinic in South Florida.

They provided detailed cell-phone phone records, medical charts, and testimony from Tony Bosch, the director of the now-defunct clinic.

Yes, and they played dirty, giving bags of cash worth $200,000 to one man who had stolen documents from the clinic.


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